Restoration plans include repairs to the bell tower’s masonry and stucco, which will be addressed with the stucco on the building overall. The wood frame turret has been stripped of years of paint; epoxy wood repairs have been made as required; and all of it prepared and painted. In June of 2015, the wood railings of the bell tower were replaced with stainless steel railings (read more about the project here).  Over the years the wood railings had rotted and were replaced with plywood panels.

The bell tower base is constructed of brick, and coated with stucco. A wood frame turret mounts the brick/stucco tower. This has all been repainted. The floor of the turret, which had been covered with asphalt sheet roofing, has been replaced.

The original flooring was probably flat seam galvanized sheet metal. Some original character-defining details at the turret have been removed in the past. The turret railings show up in historic photographs, but were replaced over the years with solid wood panels.

All of the shingles on the tower turret roof have been replaced with new slate shingles.

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