There are a total of 26 stained glass windows in Holy Trinity. While restoration of 8 dome windows was completed in 2008, repair and restoration of the remaining windows took place in two stages, beginning in late Summer/Fall of 2016 and seeing completion in the Fall of 2017.

The stained glass was in fair condition, however, the original wood frames needed repair. The security glass that was installed on the outer face of all windows was failing. Some windows were still operable but had been painted so many times they didn’t close properly and water and air infiltration had occurred.

Each stained glass window was photographed and catalogued before being carefully removed. Once removed from the individual cased openings, the individual panes were carefully crated and brought to the Associated Crafts studios where they were to be restored. While the restoration process was taking place, transparent acrylic was installed in the cased openings, in place of the stained glass panels.

South Elevation


North Elevation


Next Phase

The exterior window frames around the perimeter of the cathedral windows also include elaborately built-up sheet metal with delicate ornamentation. They are a character-defining element of the cathedral. The frames have been repaired in the past, but, approximately 20% of the decorative elements are missing.

Bids will be evaluated to determine the scope of the metal work, and our fundraising goal.

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