Winter means it’s time for interior work on the Cathedral.  The stained-glass windows on the south and west sides of the cathedral were removed in February for cleaning and repair and will be reinstalled in time for the parish’s June 10th celebration of 125 years of Orthodoxy in Chicago.

The chandelier, believed to be designed by Louis Millet, received a much-needed cleaning as well.  Each piece of stained glass was removed, cleaned and reinstalled.  The parish has been ooh-ing and aah-ing over its restored beauty.

The dome was finally scraped, patched and painted.  Thomas Melvin of Melvin Studios was able to match the original blue paint color on the background and the shape of the gold stars to the colors used all those many years ago.

Kudos to all who cleaned up the dust and debris each week so that the Vigil and Divine Liturgy could resume.