Our Projects

  • Phase 1-COMPLETED Both onion domes were completely resurfaced and repairs were made to the remaining cupola lantern above the bell tower in the Fall of 2013.  The cupolas topped with onion domes are positioned over both the bell tower (west end) and central dome (east end) of the cathedral.  The last known resurfacing of the […]

  • Restoration plans include repairs to the bell tower’s masonry and stucco, which will be addressed with the stucco on the building overall. The wood frame turret has been stripped of years of paint; epoxy wood repairs have been made as required; and all of it prepared and painted. In June of 2015, the wood railings […]

  • There are a total of 26 stained glass windows in Holy Trinity. While restoration of 8 dome windows was completed in 2008, repair and restoration of the remaining windows took place in two stages, beginning in late Summer/Fall of 2016 and seeing completion in the Fall of 2017. The stained glass was in fair condition, however, the original […]

  • The highly decorative metal cornices are an essential character-defining feature of the Cathedral. They truly mark the building as a Louis Sullivan design. The sheet metal cornice work is used at the gutter around the perimeter of the Cathedral, at the gutters surrounding the Bell Tower turret, and surrounding the dome drum roof. These are […]

  • The existing stucco is a newer coating added in the 1950’s, covering the original smooth stucco. The newer stucco is cracking, largely due to expansion. It would be aesthetically desirable to remove the existing modern stucco to reveal the original smooth stucco on the Cathedral. A long-term solution is to remove the outer stucco coating […]