Have you visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral yet? If not, you should!

The Holy Trinity Cathedral and Rectory represent one of the most architecturally significant properties in the City of Chicago. This architectural beauty was designed in 1901 by Louis H. Sullivan and is known as a Chicago Landmark. Over the decades, the building has been worn down by age and weather, which means we need to do whatever we can to preserve the building. Our latest restoration project is for the Cupolas.

The onion domes are in poor shape, and the last known resurfacing was done in the late 1980′s.  The cupola lanterns, or drums beneath the onion domes, are in poor shape and have lost some of their detail.  In 2009,  the east cupola lantern was inspected and some missing metal detail was replaced. The surface was prepped and repainted to match the new color scheme. However, the onion dome itself was untouched.

In 2013, immediate plans call for the complete resurfacing of both onion domes and repairs made to the remaining cupola lantern above the bell tower.

We encourage you to donate to this cause either through the website, or in person (envelopes are located inside the cathedral where you can place your donation directly).